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1-abc.net Personal Diary allows you to write down your thoughts every day
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There exist some thoughts and feelings which we can entrust only to the pages of our diary. 1-abc.net understood that and has created 1-abc.net Personal Diary. No more paper and pens! Now you can write in your diary at home, while working, during the traveling and so on. It is possible thank to the USB drive, floppy disk and other media supporting. Herewith you won’t care of somebody will read your diary. Your entries are safely protected by the password. The program offers some advanced functions. First of all, 1-abc.net Personal Diary is a program with an elementary navigation menu and a simple, intuitive and nice user interface. The built-in calendar allows finding quickly the needed entry. In addition to that, there is also a searching by a special word in the program. With several clicks you will be able to create, add or delete your entries, even make backups of them in the .ini file format. You can also import your entries backup if you have lost the original for example. A pleasant function of 1-abc.net Personal Diary is the possibility to export your entries to the .txt file. It is important because then you can print or edit them as you wish. The only way how you can edit your entries is the changing of the colour of the text or background.

Anna Kovalysheva
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  • Usability
  • Nice and intuitive interface
  • Export to the .txt file format
  • Low system requirements


  • Is not freeware
  • Poor editing functions
  • Impossibility to attach a file or a picture to the entry
  • No export to the PDF or HTML files
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